Publication of 18 February 2022:

War Room Movie, the official trailer :

I recommend watching this beautiful Christian film by clicking on the link above (here the official trailer). My husband and I bought it on DVD and saw it again last night.

With each viewing, this film inspires me and encourages me to continue to pray and be an apostle of Jesus Christ. Yesterday, just after seeing this magnificent film, I opened the New Testament, letting myself be guided, and it was a comment in the margin of Luke 3:21-4,25 that caught my attention:

« Jesus was born in Bethlehem, the city of David. Through Joseph, he is a descendant of David, from whom will come the Messiah announced by the prophets. I received several signs of the Holy Spirit while I was reading this commentary by either Claude-Bernard Costecalde, Alain Henri de Hassonville, Albert Hari, or German Bible Society, or Swiss Bible Society, in a New Testament of the Editions du Signe, Bibli’O, 2005.

I deduced from this the importance of publishing prophecies, which I immediately did by publishing the message of Jesus Christ of February 16, 2022 to Luz de Maria in french.

I must confess that praying with my husband, after publishing this prophetic message of Jesus, did me the greatest good!

Here is this Jesus’s message in english :

FEBRUARY 16, 2022

Automatic translation with Hélène’s grain of salt, guided by The Holy Spirit and Hélène’s Holy Guardian Angel

My Beloved People, I bless you,


Children, I speak to you so that you can constantly anticipate, for the madness of men of power is extreme.

 They do not analyze the consequences of their actions, but indulge in impulses, seeking to satisfy their desires. We will know of an attack on a leader, an attack without foundation, and it will bring fire to the earth.

My children,
The sun, in an extreme emanation of torrents of fire, will release great heat on the earth. You will see nature drying out in the midst of extreme heat. Man will feel unable to maintain himself on earth.

 It is at this moment that ignorance presents itself to humanity, dominated by creatures with powerful hands, who will make My children succumb in the tragedy of the fatal world war.

 My children,


Evil will grow, and you will think that I am abandoning you when you see your brethren rising up against Me in broad daylight. The altars of My Temples will be destroyed and everything in them will be eliminated. (*)

 The human creature desires to erase all traces of Me. She will not succeed, because it would be as if it were possible for her to live without air. It will be a time of pain and hope, for I will send My beloved Saint Michael the Archangel to keep My beloved Angel of Peace so that he can sustain you with My Word, and call you to continue to resist for the imminent coming of My Mother who will fight evil.

 My People, keep My faithful Elijah in mind. (1 King 19,10)


 Pray to My children, pray for My Church.

Pray My children, pray, the earth will be shaken more strongly.

Pray to My children, pray and repent, confess your sins and live in Grace.

Pray My children, pray, stay at peace with your brothers.

Pray My children, pray, the suffering of humanity will come from Space.

 Be careful, My children, come to Me, even if a large part of humanity declares itself against Me.

 Keep the Faith, do not lose it, even for a moment.  Faith is gold in the hearts, minds and minds of Mine. Without Faith, you are nothing, without Faith, the slightest wind moves you to one side or the other.

 I bless you, My People, I bless you, My children.

 May My Peace be in each of you.

Your Jesus




(*) Reference to the October 6, 2017 message of Our Lord Jesus Christ:
« My beloved people, the relics possessed by My Church will be removed to be desecrated. That is why I have previously asked that the relics be saved and treasured right now, otherwise you will have no trace of them. »

(*) VIDEO MESSAGE 16.02.22



We are seeing the power of powers, and as Our Lord Jesus Christ tells us, the consequences will be very painful for us. It is the folly of power, the imminence of the plans of those who rule the world.

As children of God, we must remain centered on the Power of God that dominates all that exists. Without renouncing the advances of technology, science and its discoveries in all fields.

It is also true that at this moment we can see the threat that man poses with the power of what Heaven calls « misused science », in the service of maintaining primacy over nations.

Our Lord Jesus Christ calls us to conversion because it is necessary now! Our daily life is difficult, we are tempted and assailed by the emissaries of evil, but we must not let our guard down, we must respond to God the Father as He expects.

Our Lord Jesus Christ told me about Elijah’s loyalty, faith and assurance in the Name of God who can do everything. And I can reaffirm it for myself: if Elijah was called the Prophet of the First Commandment, it was because he had an unshakeable faith in God, and he worshipped Him above all else.


Annabel Beam’s story of miraculous healing:

story also told in the film « Miracles from Heaven« .

Today is the feast of Saint Bernadette, happy feast to the Bernadettes!

Lourdes celebrates this special feast day, since Our Lady appeared in Lourdes to Saint Bernadette:

Pour ceux qui veulent lire en français cette publication, elle correspond au Post Scriptum du 18 février 2022, qui est en bas de cet article :

Readings of the Mass of February 18, 2022

First reading

« As the breathless body died, so faith without works died » (Jas 2:14-24, 26).

Reading the letter of St. James

My brothers, if someone claims to have faith, without implementing it, what is the point? Can his faith save him?    Suppose a brother or sister does not have enough to dress or eat every day; if one of you said to them, « Go in peace! Get warm, and eat to your hunger! Without giving them the necessities to live, what is the point?    Thus, faith, if not implemented, is indeed dead.    On the other hand, we will say: « You have faith; I have works. Show me your faith without works; it is through my works that I will show you faith.    You believe that there is only one God. But the demons, too, believe it, and they tremble.    Superficial man, do you want to recognize that faith without works is useless?    Was it not through his works that Abraham our father became righteous when he presented his son Isaac on the altar of sacrifice?    You can see that faith acted with its works, and through works faith became perfect. Thus was fulfilled the word of Scripture:
Abraham had faith in God; so he was granted to be righteous,
and he was given the name of friend of God. You see: man becomes righteous by works, and not only by faith.    Thus, as the breathless body died, so faith without works died.

– Word of the Lord.


(Ps 111 (112), 1-2, 3-4, 5-6)

A/ Blessed is he who fully loves the will of the Lord! (cf. Ps 111, 1b)

Happy who fears the Lord, who loves his will entirely! His lineage will be powerful on earth; the race of the righteous is blessed.

Wealth flows into his house: forever his justice will be maintained. Light of straight hearts, he rose in darkness, a man of justice, tenderness and pity.

The good man has pity, he shares; he conducts his affairs with righteousness. This man will never fall; always we will remember the righteous.


« Whoever loses his life because of me and the gospel will save it » (Mc 8, 34 – 9, 1)

Alléluia. Alléluia.
I call you my friends, says the Lord, for all that I have heard from my Father, I have made known to you.
Alléluia. (Jn 15, 15b)

Gospel of Jesus Christ according to St. Mark

At that time, calling the crowd with his disciples, Jesus said to them: « If anyone wants to follow me, let him renounce himself, take up his cross and follow me.    For he who wants to save his life will lose it; but he who loses his life because of me and the Gospel will save it.    What advantage, in fact, does a man have to win the whole world if it is at the cost of his life?    What could he give in exchange for his life?    Whoever is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of man will also be ashamed of himself, when he comes in the glory of his Father
with the holy angels. 
 And he said to them, « Amen, I tell you :p those who are here, some will not know death until they have seen the reign of God come with power. »

– Let us acclaim the Word of God.

Automatic translation with Helen’s grain of salt, with Holy Spirit’s Help.

At the reopening of these readings of February 18, 2022, the cursor stopped in front of:

« with the holy angels. »

Office of the Lauds of 18 February 2022

The readings displayed below are those of the Roman calendar. For this day, there are specific readings for: France


V/ Lord, open my lips,
R/ and my mouth will publish your praise.

Inviting antiphon

Blessed are you, Lord, God of tenderness and love.

Inviting Psalm: (94)

1 Come, let us cry out for the Lord,
let us acclaim our Rocher, our salvation!
2 Let us go to lui by  giving thanks,
by our hymns of feast let us acclaim him!

3 Yes, the great Dieu is the Lord, the
great king of all the gods:
4 he holds in his hand the depths of the earth, and the
summits of the montagnes are his;
5 to him the sea, it is lui who made it,
and the lands, because his mains kneaded them.

6 Enter, bow down, prostrate,
worship the Seigneur who made us.
7 Yes, he is our God; +
we are the peuple he leads,
the flock guided by his hand.

Today you will listen to his word? +
8 « Do not close your heart as in the desert,
as in the day of tentation and challenge,9
 when your fathers tempted and provoked me,
and yet they had wanted my feat.

10 « Forty years their generosity has disappointed me, +
and I said: This people has lost their hearts,
they have not known my paths.
11 In my anger, I swore an oath to them:
Never will they enter into my rest. »

Hymn: Who is God to give himself up as a loser

Servel — Chalet

Who, then, is God to give himself up losing
to the hands of man?
Who then is God, who mourns our evil
like a mother?

R/Who is God to love us like this?

Who, then, is God, who draws
our birth from his death?
Who, then, is God to open his joy
and kingdom  to us?

Who, then, is God to give us his Son
born of women?
Who, then, is God who wills all his sons to
give his mother? 

Who, then, is God to be our Bread
every Supper?
Who, then, is God to call our bodies
to His glory? 

Who, then, is God? Is Love his name
and face?
Who, then, is God who makes us his sons
in his image?


In your tenderness, Lord, erase my sin.

Psalm: 50

3 Pity for me, my Dieu, in your love,
according to your great mercy, effach my sin.
4 Wash me away from my fault,
purify me from my offense.

5 Yes, I know my sin,
my fault is all before me.
6 Against you, and you seul, I have sinned,
which is wrong to your yeux, I have done.

Thus, you can speak and show your justice,
be a judge and show your victory.
7 I am born in the fault,
I was a sinner from the sein of my mother.

8 But you want the truth in the depths of moi;
in secret, you teach me wisdom.
9 Purify me with hyssop, and I will be pure;
wash me and I will be white, as long as the snow.

10 Let me hear the chants and the party:
they will dance, the os you crushed.
11 Turn your heart away from my faults,
take away all my sins.

12 Create in me a pur heart, O my God,
renews and strengthens in the depths of my mind.
13 Do not chase me away from your face,
do not take back from me your holy spirit.

14 Give me back the hope of being saved;
may the generux spirit sustain me.
15 To sinners, I will teach your ways;
to you, come back the lost.

16 Free me from the shed blood, Dieu, my savior God,
and my tongue will acclaim  your righteousness.
17 Lord, hear my lips,
and my mouth will announce  your praise.

18 If I offer a sacrifice, you do not want it,
you do not accept a holocaust.
19 The sacrifice that pleases God
 is a broken hope; you
do not repel, O my God,
 a broken and crushed heart.

20 Grant Sion happiness,
says the murs of Jerusalem.
21 Then thou shalt accept just sacrifices,
 oblations, and holocausts; then
bulls will be offered on your altar.


Remember, Lord, to have mercy.

SONG of Habaquq (Ha 3)

2 Lord, I have heard of you;
before your work, Seigneur, I feared!
In the course of the years, make it revive,
in the course of the years, make it known!

When you shudder with anger,
remember to have mercy.

3 God lives from Teman,
and the saint, from the Mont of Paran;
his majesty couvre the heavens,
his glory fills the earth.

4 His brilliance is shielded by light; +
two rays sortent from his hands:
there stands hidden his power.

13 You went out to save your people
to save your messiah.

15 Thou has trodden, with your chevaux, the meret
the remous of the deep waters.

16 I heard and my snipes shuddered; « 
To this voice, my lips tremble,
decay penetrates my bones.

And I shuddered to be there, to
wait in silence for the jour of anguish
who will rise on the people set against us.

17 The figuier did not bloom;
no recession in the vineyards.
The fruit of the olivier disappointed;
in the fields, pleus of food.
The pen has emptied of its sheep,
and the stable, of its cattle.

18 And I, I leap from joie into the Lord,
I exult in Dieu, my Savior!
The Lord my Dieu is my strength; +
he gives me the agility of the chamois,
he makes me walk in the heights.



Psalm: 147

12 Glorify the Seigneur, Jerusalem!
Celebrate your Dieu, O Zion!

13 He has consolidated the babrres of your doors,
in your walls he has blessed your children;
14 he makes the paix reign at your borders,
and a bread of wheat satiates you.

15 He sends his parole to earth:
fast, his verbe runs through it.
16 He spreads a toison of snow,
he sows a dust of frost.

17 He throws ice cubes with a fist;
in front of this cold, what could hold?
18 He sends his word: survive the thaw;
he spreads his souffle: the waters flow.

19 He reveals his parole to Jacob,
his wills and his lois to Israel.
20 Not a people whom he has treated;
no one else has known his wishes.

Word of God: (Ep 2, 13-16)

Now, in Christ Jesus, you who were far away, you have become close by the blood of Christ. It is he, Christ, who is our peace: of the two, Israel and the Gentiles, he has made one people; through his crucified flesh, he brought down what separated them, the wall of hatred, by removing the legal prescriptions of the law of Moses. He wanted to bring people together by making peace, and create in himself one new Man. Both of them, united in one body, he wanted to reconcile them with God through the cross: in his person, he killed hatred.


A/ By his blood, by his cross, Christ is our peace.

V/ You who were far away, in him you are close. R/

V/ He killed hatred and made us his body. R/

Antiphon of Zechariah

Through the love of our God’s heart, the light from above comes to visit us.

Song of Zechariah (Lk 1)

68 Blessed be the Lord, the Dieu of Israel,
who visits and learns his people.

69 He has brought forth the force that saves us
in the house of David

, his servant,70 as he had said by the bouche of the saints
, by his prophets, since the ancient temps:

71 salvation that binds us to the enemy,
to the hand of all our oppressors,

72 love that he watch towards our fathers, memory
of his holy alliance,73

 sworn oath to our father Abraham to
 answer us

without fear,74 so that, delivered from the main
of the enemies, +75 we serve him in righteousness and holiness,
 in his presence, all in the long nowadays.

76 And you, little child, will be called
 prophet of the Most High: *
you will walk before, in the face of the Lord,
 and prepare

his ways77 to give his people to know salvation
through the remissiom of their sins,78

 thanks to the tenderness, to the love of our God,
when we visit the star from above,79

 to illuminate those who dwell in the darkness
 and shade of death, *
to lead our steps
 to the path of peace.


Lord Jesus, we were in darkness:
—you open our eyes to the light.


For this wonder: Hallelujah!

Lord Jesus, we had blasphemed your name:
« You have forgiven our fault.

Lord Jesus, we were separated from you:
—you restore us to your covenant.

Lord Jesus, we lived in disunited:
« You gather us in your Body.

Lord Jesus, we were dead:
« By your death, you give us back our life.

Our Father


Lord, you now give us the grace of your praise. Grant us to be able to sing to you with all the saints, eternally.

Lauds and Mass of February 18, 2022 at Notre Dame de Lagarde, Marseille, France :

tutorial for translation :


« Renounce oneself and take up one’s cross to follow Jesus who is clear and precise. To renounce oneself is to renounce one’s self-love, one’s pride, one’s self-sufficiency, one’s self. It is a path that leads to a full, solid life, good for oneself and for others. And this is why Jesus adds: « Whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but who loses his life because of Me and the Gospel will save it. Whoever keeps everything to himself, who thinks only of his interests, he loses his life, because he makes it sad, arid, without horizon. On the contrary, when life is guided by the Gospel, that is, by following Jesus, and by contributing to the establishment of his reign of love, life multiplies, it becomes infinitely richer, given, open, radiant, loved by all, but this does not go without the Cross. The true Crosses of our lives are the ones we do not choose. Each of us has his Cross, sometimes it can be heavy to carry. In the eyes of the world, they are useless. We look like losers. We pass for vanquished. But in God’s eyes, we become able to get everything from Him, because we have given everything with love. (…) It is therefore, with Him and like Him, to choose the Cross, unconditionally, in an unalterable trust in God, who wants only our happiness. »

Illustration of this homily in this testimony of Luisa Piccarreta:

Amen Fiat – Luisa Piccarreta – LDC – Volume 1 – A new and very heavy cross for Luisa. – Duration 7:36

Posted on 17 February 2022 by Myriamir

Reading followed by the Book of Heaven, written by Luisa Piccarreta, Volume 1

FLASH-END OF TIME: Words of Jesus to Marie-Julie Jahenny on March 1, 1923…

« Do not be discouraged, I let the enemy of your souls do its thing, for he is at the last limit of his effort.

He feels that the hour of great Justice is approaching. I am tired of so many sins, of so many offenses… All I have to do is let out of my mouth a breath so that the whole earth is stirred to its foundations.

However, I am afraid of this Great Coup announced for so many years and which is no longer far away… I love France so much.  I chose it for the accomplishment of my great purposes. »

Amen Fiat – Father Jim Blount – The Book of Heaven, God’s Gift to the Church, for our time. Duration 5:45

Posted on 17 February 2022 by Myriamir

in english, with french translation :

« GOD BEGAN WITH THE LAW » Father Gabriel-Marie Tchonang, Radio D.V. of 27/01/2022 / Duration 1:01:42

Posted on 17 February 2022 by Myriamir

Children of the Divine Will

 As this priest says in the video above, God speaks to us a little bit by a little bit, because we are unable to understand and assimilate everything at once.

So here is an excerpt from the Book of Truth, which goes so well with everything that is written and said in the videos in this article:

Page 29 of the Book of Truth:

All of you, wake up now. Accept that changes, caused by the wrong actions of

man and of which you will be witnesses, are the signs that have been foretold and that will precede My return on


Let Me guide you to Paradise

Through this prophet and the Book of Truth, I beg you once again, through My precious love for you

all of you, to turn to Me before time is up. Let Me hold you in My Arms.

Let My Love flow through you in spirit, body and soul. Open your hearts and let Me guide you

to My P aradis on Earth where you will enjoy Eternal Life. Why do you want to choose this other path

cursed who leads nowhere now that the Truth has been revealed?

My Heart groans with worry and sadness when I think of My children who refuse to accept the Truth of

My promise. I say, once again, turn to Me now and speak to Me. Ask Me to

come back into your heart. I will place Myself in your soul. I make you this promise, even for the

the most hardened souls. You only have one word to say. Ask Me to show you My presence by saying


Jesus, I feel lost. Open my heart to accept Your love and show Me the Truth so that

I can be saved.

My Words of Warning are not a threat. This event has been known since My death on the Cross.

Why do you think it can’t happen? The Truth is found in the Scriptures so that all can

understand. I will act as your Savior until the last minute before I return, as

Just Judge, so that I can finally lead My children to My family of great love, joy and happiness, where

all will live in harmony for eternity.

Satan and his followers will be plunged into darkness forever. My family will see the joy of the Divine Heavens, and

no man, if he could glimpse even once a faint glimmer of what it promises, would want to

turn your back on this pure happiness in My Father’s Kingdom.

Pray, pray for forgiveness and enter into glory in My Father’s Kingdom where you and your loved ones will be

welcomed into the Light of Pure Love.


I died for all of you and I will fight until the very last moment to win you all back, despite the

darkness of evil in the world.

Please let Me show you once again how much I love you. Take My Hand now,

place your head on My shoulder and your sweet soul will ignite with a love you have forgotten.

Your Loving Savior

Jesus Christ

For those who want to access the Book of Truth:

Thanks again to God and His servants,

Thank you for reading me,

Wholeheartedly with you,


After singing for the Holy Spirit to guide me, at the reopening of this Post Scriptum of February 18, 2022, the cursor stopped in front of a sentence of Jesus Christ, from the Book of Truth:


At another reopening of this document, the cursor stopped in front of:

darkness of evil in the world

(despite this darkness).



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